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Who is BBN

Created by ZhengQun Medical Devices Co., LTD, a Taiwanese- owned company located in Jiaxing founded in 2008. We are the highly edged manufacturer producing medical devices and devoting to produce high quality and affordable products to keep lives safe. Our goal is to establish the standards in the field and to be a pioneer in the business.

Innovation &Diversity

BBN is a global family that values diversities. Among hundreds employees, 22% coming from overseas, 5 different languages flowing around, and various specialties devoting in. We dedicate to be the Best Beneficial Necessity in the communities.

Why Choose Us

  • Ideal Location, only takes 40 minutes to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou, the major cities by car; the transportation around is highly convenient.

  • Apex Science, invests over 20% in scientific research and development which gathering the top talents from textile industry, chemistry, medicine, and biotechnology field and establishing the highest tech-standard laboratory to produce quite competitive products in the market.

  • Finest Quality, Hi-New-Tex, a textile expertise with over 45 years experiences on manufacturing and finishing process, as a main supplier of fabric and raw materials has cooperated with BBN medical Devices CO. LTD. for a long time and provided the most delicate quality materials to produce the finest medical devices. Our factory has equipped a laboratory and the cleanroom for 600 meter square which is qualified GMP standard and possessed cutting edge, precision instruments and profound experience technicians in biotechnology to inspect all the products’ quality.

  • Low Cost, Hi-New-Tex and BBN are belonged to the same corporation and sharing the same location which tremendously decrease the shipping and production cost.Since 2020, we have imported a number of automatic machines to rise the capacity which is 35% higher than other companies in the field.

  • Diversified Products, BBN has more than 45 years experiences on R&D and attracts a number of expertises from various fields and countries to develop and create valuable and competitive products to improve consumers’ welfare.

  • Customer Orientation, seamless connection of our team services 24/7 for Q&A and any requests. Closely following up discovers core issues to offer better solutions.Comprehensive client files system establishing makes customer service respond faster and more touching.

  • Global Connection, we stand in the high-end market and face customers with fine taste by treating our products as the luxury requesting details on every production process and 24/7 services. All the products we manufacture are qualified international tech-standards and mainly exported to Europe, USA, South America, Japan, Korean and other over 20 countries worldwide.

Hygiene & Security

On-Site Production

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