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Is the tip of the mask facing up or down?

Update:13 Oct
Is the tip of the mask facing up or down? For better use effect and people's comfort considerations, masks have upper and lower sides: one end with a triangular tip is the upper side, and the smoother side is the bottom. Because there is a nose clip on the upper side that can be fixed to the face, so don't get confused. It is worth mentioning that cool-looking masks generally have neither the effect of droplet isolation nor the effect of blocking haze, and certain blocking effect on pollen.



As air pollution continues to intensify and the weather continues to change, masks have once again become one of the indispensable and practical small items in people’s lives. Modern technology continues to develop, and masks with various functions and shapes are all over the market. But no matter what style of mask is, there is a similarity. When wearing a mask, the mask will have a sharp point. So how should this point be oriented to wear a mask correctly?

According to the design principle of the mask, the pointed place should face the middle of the lips and nose. The purpose of making the unfolded shape of the mask pointed at this position is twofold: to form an arched space so that the mask fits the face better. The space is more airtight and the nasal cavity is more comfortable; the air filter layer is truly formed to prevent the fibers on the mask fabric from entering the nasal cavity and causing discomfort.

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