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What are the special medical protective clothing?

Update:20 Feb
1. Chemical protective clothing
Chemical protective clothing is a protective clothing worn to protect itself from chemical dangerous goods or corrosive substances when handling dangerous medical chemicals. In addition to the chemical resistance of clothing materials, chemical protective clothing also has stricter requirements on the tightness and seam structure of the clothing.
2. Electromagnetic radiation protective clothing
Electromagnetic radiation protective clothing is a protective clothing that can shield electromagnetic waves in the range of 100kHz to 300GHz by implanting very fine conductive fibers in the fabric material, so that the protective clothing does not generate static electricity. It is mainly used for the operating population of the electronic medical equipment system in the hospital [7].
3. Nuclear and radiation protective clothing
Used in nuclear radiation environment (small dose, large-scale ionizing radiation, mainly α and β rays), to prevent radioactive aerosol and dust from harming the human body. It has the functions of protecting radioactive aerosols, protecting more than 150 kinds of toxic and corrosive gases, liquids and solids, protecting potential radioactive particles and liquids from invading the body, and 100% blocking dry particles above 0.2μm.

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