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What’s the best face mask for public transport?

Update:22 Feb


          Whether you’re buying face masks for your customers, your employees or for your family, it’s good to know that what you’re recommending or using is the right product for the job. With so many masks to choose from, it can be confusing to know which one will provide the level of protection you need. Face coverings have now been made compulsory on all public transport from 24th July when more people are expected go back to work. As non-essential shops reopen their doors, social distancing will be difficult at times on buses and trains. Currently less than four out ten people are using face masks on public transport, and fines will now be introduced for those who don’t comply. So, what’s the best face mask to buy as you, your family, your employees and your customers head back to work?

Face masks to stop the spread of Covid -19

         The guidance stipulates a face covering which can be made at home or even the use of a scarf. These solutions do come with a drawback. A simple face covering will have to be washed at over 60 degrees after each use to kill any virus on the material.  You would have to go work armed with quite a few home made coverings. They would need to be changed frequently on long journeys and certainly after each commute. Also, with the recent hot weather  combined with busy tube trains, home made coverings or scarves might not be the most comfortable to wear. By far, the easiest and most convenient way to prevent the spread of the virus would have to be manufactured face masks. These are lightweight, comfortable and disposable after every use, limiting transmission.

Which face mask is best and how to avoid a fake?

   Personal Protective Equipment


         So with just over a week to get prepared, what is the best face mask for the daily commute? With confusing acronyms such as KN95, FFP2, 3 ply, Type IIR, FFP3, Type 1 – which is best? With surgical and medical masks needed for front line workers, the basic Type 1 mask would be the best choice.  It provides protection against the transmission of Covid 19 and is a 3 ply mask. And just to get a bit technical, they have been tested to a bacterial filtration efficiency of 95%.

         It’s really important that you purchase your masks from a reputable company. The market has been flooded with fakes which puts lives at risk. Using a company that has a great reputation and has been selling PPE for some time, rather than one who has just started during this time is best. Asking for certification is also a good idea as well as just picking up the phone and chatting to your supplier will give you reassurance as to whether they are knowledgeable and genuine.

The New Normal

         And as you head back to work (whether it’s on public transport or not), welcome your teams back at the office, or prepare to supply your customers – the work does not stop there! Keeping safe at work with good hand hygiene, using hand sanitiser, surface cleaning and safe distancing tools will all be important as we adjust to the new normal. 

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