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Which is the best anti-dust mask for daily air?

Update:25 Oct
The air pollution problem is getting more and more serious. Most cities are shrouded in smog and dust. Before going out, people will wear anti-dust masks to prevent inhalation of substances harmful to the human body. So which is better for anti-dust masks? Let's take a look at ZhengQun Medical Devices Co., LTD to see which anti-dust mask is better?



Which is better anti-dust mask:
1. Anti-dust mask;
The anti-dust mask of Lingting has gained a high reputation because of its good filtering effect. The activated carbon is used as a material to deeply filter the harmful gases to the human body. This mask of Lingting can also prevent the inhalation of industrial dust, which is not only suitable for daily life It can be used during work, and it can also be used at work.
2. PM2.5 dust mask;
Lingting pm2.5 dust masks are unique in design and have a wide range of uses. Some can prevent urban exhaust emissions, and some can prevent industrial dust, allowing us to breathe fresh air. The mask of this brand of Lingting is also very famous.
3. Dust mask;
The design adopted by the brand of Zero-Tone Dust Respirator is a breathing valve with excellent air permeability, which can effectively prevent the human body from inhaling harmful gases and will not feel stuffy when worn. It is very suitable for summer wear.

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