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Are activated carbon masks harmful to the human body?

Update:02 Mar
Many people search on search engines what are the harms of activated carbon masks to the body. In fact, genuine activated carbon masks are very effective, that is, they can effectively prevent dust and have the function of removing odors, but it is also because the activated carbon masks have great effects on the body. Production of certain counterfeit activated carbon masks. What are the harms of fake active masks to the body?

The main ingredient of activated carbon masks is activated carbon, which has a very strong adsorption capacity and can absorb harmful substances, liquids or impurities in the air on the surface of activated carbon masks. The adsorption ability of wearing activated carbon masks is no worse than that of activated carbon, so it seems that wearing activated carbon masks in daily life is effective.

The dangers of fake activated carbon masks
1. Use black polyester cloth to pretend to be activated carbon fiber. This fake activated carbon mask has no protective effect, but the price of the product is low and there is a certain market space.
2. The content of activated carbon is low, which cannot meet the requirements of protection. Many brands of activated carbon masks are unprofessional, and the carbon content of the activated carbon masks used is relatively low, generally less than 30%. Due to the carbon cloth production process, they will lose part of the adsorption effect, so the adsorption effect of this type of activated carbon masks is Poor, but some brands of masks are really expensive.
3. When the activated carbon cloth is made, it is placed on the mouth layer. Due to the unprofessionalism of some mask processing factories, when producing activated carbon masks, the activated carbon cloth is prevented from under the filter layer, which causes the activated carbon particles to easily penetrate the non-woven fabric and enter the body, causing damage to human health.
4. According to the measurement, about 60% of the ordinary activated carbon masks on the market are less than 30%, and at least 30% of the activated carbon masks on the market are fake activated carbon masks that use black cloth instead of activated carbon cloth.

Precautions for the use of activated carbon masks
1. Wash your hands before wearing the activated carbon mask and before and after removing the activated carbon mask.
2. Then pull the activated carbon mask up and down, pull out the unfolded fold, the slightly black side is facing out, and the light white (elastic webbing or ear strap) side is facing inward, don't wear it wrong! At the same time, remove the top of the activated carbon mask. of some activated carbon small particles.
3. The air tightness of the mask at the bridge of the nose can be adjusted through the wire strip at the bridge of the nose.
4. When removing the activated carbon mask, try to minimize touching the outer part of the activated carbon mask, because this part will be contaminated with germs.

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