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Are the dustproof principles of different types of masks the same?

Update:09 Mar
Do different types of protective masks work the same as dustproof? The reference answer is no. There are many types of protective masks, and the dust-proof working principles of natural protective masks are also different. Protective masks can help people effectively filter out harmful dust and fine particles in the air. protective gear. Below, ZhengQun Medical Devices Co., LTD. introduces the dustproof working principle of protective masks through the types of protective masks.

Gauze masks: Gauze masks are made of non-woven fabrics. This material does not need to be woven. It is bonded by some fibers. It is often made into 2-layer protective masks, 3-layer mouth layers, and multi-layer activated carbon masks. The prevention principle of gauze masks is that when the dust passes through the gauze, it will pass through layers of blocking, and these dusts will be adsorbed on the gauze, so that fresh air can enter the respiratory system.

N95 protective masks: N95 protective masks are made of high-efficiency electrostatic filter cotton and melt-blown non-woven materials to effectively filter non-oily fine particles, and the filtration rate is greater than 95%. Used to provide respiratory protection.

PM2.5 protective mask: The main improvement method of PM2.5 protective mask is to improve the efficiency of filtering PM2.5 through the design of the filter membrane filter material, such as the miniaturization of the spinning material and the formation of pores, so as to effectively To block fine particles, other novel means have emerged, such as the use of electricity, magnetism, and chemical means, to adsorb their sedimentation, or to keep them away from breathing passages.

The dustproof working principle of protective masks: The protective efficacy of protective masks is roughly based on the three working principles of filtration, adsorption and killing.
1. Filter
The material and textile method of the protective mask make the gap of the protective mask smaller than the diameter of the virus, and the cotton gauze protective mask that filters the virus out of ordinary materials is mainly based on this working principle and has a preventive effect, so its preventive effect is relatively low. General gauze The working principle of the mask is mechanical filtration, that is, when the dust hits the gauze, it will block some large particles of dust in the gauze through layers of blocking.
2. Adsorption
The electrostatic effect of the protective mask adsorbs the virus on the outer layer of the protective mask, such as the so-called electrostatic filter layer. Most of the activated carbon masks use the principle of adsorption, which can achieve a dust-proof effect on low-concentration harmful and harmful gases and fine particles in the outside world.
3. Kill
The material of the protective mask has the sterilization effect to directly destroy the virus. For this type of protective masks, the new Jinjiang labor insurance network refers to professional medical masks, which are mainly used to prevent airborne respiratory diseases, and have a good blocking effect on dust and haze. The protective mask plays a two-way protection against germs, ensuring that patients and medical staff will not be infected by the other side's germs.

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