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Breast Self-Examination Aid

Features: Reusable tool, for use once a month.
Effective touch-enhancing tool for greater sensitivity.
Reduces friction between fingers and skin.
One size fits all.
Easy to clean and store.

  • Breast Self-Examination Aid
  • Breast Self-Examination Aid
  • Breast Self-Examination Aid
  • The LIV is a simple, patented, and FDA-cleared medical device that makes clinical and breast self-
    examinations effortless and more comfortable.
    soft, heart-shape designed pad filled with a non-toxic lubricant
    The LIV reduces the friction between the fingers and the breast for ease of movement of the fingers over
    the breast.
    The LIV is an ideal addition to the breast examination process for women over 20 and for health care
    professionals conducting clinical breast exams.

    FDA-cleared medical device


    Location: China
    Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
    Brands: Livaid, BBN
    Certificate: ISO13485, FDA
    Model: MD
    Terms of payment and delivery: 50% after PI comfirmed, balance before shipping. FOB Shangahi/HangZhou
    Minimum order quantity: Negotiable
    Price: Various, depends on the quantity
    Packing details: Printed Plastic Bag
    Delivery time: 7-15days after PI comfirmed in general
    Payment method: T/T

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