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Can non-woven dust masks prevent viruses?

Update:14 Mar
Non-woven masks are not virus-proof. Non-woven masks are a common type of protective masks made of non-woven raw materials. In fact, they can only block a part of dust and large-diameter fine particles, but have little effect on small particles such as germs, viruses and PM2.5. If there are viruses and bacteria in the environment, ZhengQun Medical Devices Co., LTD proposes to buy N95 protective masks or professional gas masks for self-protection.

Types of non-woven masks
There are two types of non-woven masks as respiratory protective equipment. One is made of absorbent gauze or knitted fabric with pure cotton on the surface, and various non-woven fabrics are sandwiched in the middle; the other is directly Made of non-woven fabric. Now the new type of non-woven mask is that the surface and the back are made of non-woven raw materials, and a layer of filter paper is sandwiched in the middle, which can improve the filtering effect of the non-woven mask.

Advantages of non-woven masks
1. Good air permeability, non-woven fabrics have better air permeability than other fabrics, and if filter paper is mixed in non-woven fabrics, its filterability will be better; at the same time, non-woven masks have water absorption and waterproof effects. Much better than gauze masks;
2. The non-woven mask has good flexibility, even if it is stretched left and right, it will not appear messy. It feels good and very soft. Even if it is washed many times, it will not become hard under the sun. Non-woven masks have high elasticity and can return to their original shape after long-term use.

Which protective masks protect against viruses?
It is suitable for anti-virus and anti-bacteria infection. It is recommended to choose medical masks. In addition to high hygiene requirements, medical protective masks also have the function of effectively isolating liquid splashes. In view of the possibility of blood or infectious body fluid splashing during surgery, this splash has a certain pressure, not ordinary liquid infiltration, and the raw materials of protective masks have a relatively high ability to isolate pressured liquids. It can effectively prevent viruses and bacteria. Therefore, in the standard of medical protective masks, special inspection methods are selected to test the barrier properties of such products.

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