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Are kn95 masks anti-smog?

Update:13 Sep
The atmospheric aerosol system composed of dust, hydrochloric acid, sodium cyanide and other fine particles in the air causes visual obstruction called haze. Smog weather is the result of the interaction between special climatic conditions and human activities, and it is more common in big cities. Haze weather is best to prevent traffic travel, do not have to carry out strong outdoor activities, and wear a mask to prevent smog when going out, so can kn95 protective masks prevent smog?



1. The kn95 protective mask can prevent smog. In fact, PM2.5 means that the inhalable particulate matter is also called fine sand and fine particulate matter. Inhalable particulate matter refers to fine particulate matter with a hydrodynamic equivalent diameter not greater than 2.5μm in the environmental quality. It can float in the air for a long time. The higher the concentration of its components in the air, the more serious the environmental pollution.
In fact, PM2.5 is fine particulate matter, also known as fine particles and fine particles. Fine particulate matter refers to particulate matter with an aerodynamic equivalent diameter of 2.5 microns or less in ambient air. It can be suspended in the air for a longer time, and the higher its concentration in the air, the more serious the air pollution.
And kn95 is not a brand, but a standard, which means that the filter material in the mask can protect against non-oily particles with a filtration efficiency of 95%. According to the national standard, KN90 is the most basic level, and it is sufficient for ordinary people to use KN90 masks. Therefore, kn95 masks can prevent smog to a certain extent.

2. The kn95 protective mask can filter particles with a hydrodynamic diameter of 0.24±0.6μm (physical diameter of 0.075μm±0.020μm) with a filtration efficiency of more than 95%. However, kn95 protective masks need to be worn appropriately in order to give full play to their safety protection effects as soon as possible. Kn95 protective masks can prevent haze. Under the condition that the concentration of PM2.5 in the natural environment is about 350mg per cubic meter, after wearing the kn95 protective mask, the reduction rate of PM2.5 is more than 84%.

3. When wearing a mask, it is necessary to distinguish the inside, outside, left and right of the protective mask; wash your hands and disinfect before wearing the mask, or prevent your hands from touching the inner side of the protective mask during the whole process of wearing the mask to reduce the possibility of environmental pollution of the protective mask; As far as possible, the protective mask should have a good fit with the face. After wearing the mask, breathe hard to check that the gas cannot be exposed from the edge of the protective mask; the dust mask must be close to the user’s face, and the user must shave the beard. Ensure that the protective mask can be tightly attached to the face. The beard and everything between the gasket of the protective mask and the face is to cause the protective mask to leak.

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