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Are the anti-smog masks divided into sizes?

Update:26 Jan
Masks are necessary to go out, and the public's awareness of self-protection continues to increase. However, in the actual wearing process, it is not difficult to find that the masks worn are of various kinds, and there are almost everything in materials, models, and sizes.
Even many girls ignore the functionality of the mask itself for the so-called idol of the same style, which is actually an unwise approach. Especially in the winter in the north, central heating will aggravate the increasingly serious environmental pollution, and the test of the respiratory tract will become more and more serious. If the mask can no longer play its due role, it is definitely a joke about the health of the body.

Having said that, when it comes to the selection of masks, there is actually a lot of knowledge. Whether it is in terms of function or size, there are many doorways in it. After all, masks have been one-size-fits-all from the very beginning, and multiple sizes have been designed in a humane way. You can choose the size that suits you according to your face. that mask.
In fact, many people will question a question, that is, "Is there really a way for the masks to be designed with different sizes, or is it marketing eye-catching?"
In fact, many people around them will have such questions, especially families with children, the problem that their own family one-size mask suits can solve, and now it is necessary to buy children's size masks for children alone, which will not only be troublesome, but also increase family living costs. Therefore, many careless parents will take their own masks to their children when the smog day suddenly comes. After all, children who are naturally active, outdoor activities are indispensable, and they cannot be kept in the house all the time.
In all fairness, quite a number of parents are actually more concerned than themselves when they are anxious about their children. EraClean has also done related research on this. Through the comparative study of the use of masks by adults and children, I will tell you how big the size is in the use of masks. important.
In fact, at present, the governments of various countries have not formulated protective mask standards for children. The "protective masks" that everyone buys on the market are actually "occupational protection products", which are originally designed and produced to ensure the health of workers working in the workshop. of. With the change of the environment, the phenomenon of smog has increased, and the demand for masks has increased, and special protective masks such as "anti-haze masks" have gradually appeared. Basically no size distinction is made.
However, in actual use, the face fit of the mask is very important. For example, the face shape and size of children are obviously different from those of adults, and it is difficult to achieve facial fit by directly using adult models for children. Particulate matter will take advantage of such a loophole and pass through the gap between the mask and the face, so the role of such a mask as a "particulate isolation belt" cannot be discussed.
For younger children under the age of 12, how to ensure that they correctly complete the wearing of masks and ensure that their faces fit well requires parents to educate and demonstrate.
For example, the correct way to wear a headband anti-haze mask is divided into six steps:
First, hold the mask with your hand so that the nose clip is at your fingertips and let the headband sag naturally;
Second, with the nose clip facing up, support the chin with the mask;
Third, pull the upper headband over the top of the head and place it higher behind the head
Fourth, pull the lower headband over the top of the head and place it in a higher position behind the head;
Fifth, press the nose clip with the tips of both fingers to shape the bridge of the nose;
Sixth, check the airtightness of the mask, cover the surface of the mask as much as possible with both hands, and then exhale and inhale. If you feel air leaking from the bridge of the nose, you should re-adjust the nose clip according to step 5. Leaks, the mask should be readjusted. If you can't get a good fit, then you should consider changing to other types of masks.
For adults, it is still necessary to constantly adjust the tightness of the mask, and the mask for children needs a good tightness, otherwise protection will be impossible. Therefore, in the actual wearing process, it is very important to fit the size of the child's face. After all, the "bear children" will take off the mask at will. It is estimated that the mask of the wrong size will not exceed three seconds. removed.
Since the first reaction of parents when encountering extreme weather such as air pollution is to take preventive measures for their children, why not add another step to choose the right size for their children? A seemingly very delicate little action can Fully play the functional role of the mask, and truly play the role of anti-haze and dust-proof.
Of course, in the selection of anti-haze masks, in addition to paying attention to the size, the function is also an indispensable part. Generally speaking, it is a better choice to choose the anti-haze masks of the 95 series of anti-haze masks. Masks classified as N, KN, and FFP that can filter non-oily particulate matter according to national regulations are suitable for anti-haze wear. When making a choice, be sure to look at the filtering and classification of particulate matter by the mask, and make it for your family and yourself. The best choice.

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