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How to choose a protective mask suitable for children?

Update:09 Feb
1. The size of breathing resistance
Although studies have proved that the resistance of N95 protective masks to PM2.5 is significantly higher than that of ordinary pure cotton protective masks, but because this protective mask has a very good seal, it blocks the baby's mouth and nose, which is easy to cause the baby to breathe. Babies can't express their discomfort yet. If parents don't pay attention, there is a danger of suffocation. Therefore, for safety reasons, it is recommended to wear cotton protective masks for babies under 6 years old.
2. Look at the texture and level
Commonly used medical masks are generally made of absorbent cotton sand cloth folded and sewn together. Three layers of sand cloth medical masks can block 70% to 80% of bacteria, and six layers of sand cloth medical masks can block almost 100% of bacteria. Try not to choose exquisite cartoon protective masks. Exquisite protective masks are printed with various cartoon patterns on the front, which endangers the breathability. Wearing such protective masks by healthy people is not good for the respiratory system. Moreover, cartoon protective masks contain too much fiber and low cotton content, which is easy to generate static electricity and damage the facial skin. People with skin diseases may experience skin allergy symptoms. In addition, the isolation gauze used in exquisite protective masks has only 3-5 layers, which makes it difficult to effectively filter viruses and dirt in the air.
3. Size selection
The filtering effect of protective masks lies in the nose. Different sizes of protective masks should be selected according to the age of the baby. If the protective mask is too small, pathogenic bacteria, dirt and pollution sources will easily enter from the edge of the protective mask or the gap between the two sides of the nose, compromising the filtering effect. The size-adjustable 8-10 cm protective mask is best for babies. When purchasing, do not choose ear-hook type multi-protective masks, but buy bundled ones as much as possible, which makes it easier to adjust the width and tightness of the protective mask according to the size of the child's head and better fit the cheeks. When wearing a mask, the nose should not be exposed outside the protective mask, which will lose the efficacy of protecting the respiratory system barrier.
4. Protective masks cannot be used continuously inside and outside
The protective mask can only be used on one side. The outer membrane of the worn protective mask often accumulates a lot of dirt, bacteria and other contaminants in the outside air, while the inner layer blocks the exhaled bacteria and saliva. Therefore, the protective mask should be used continuously on both sides, and be careful to suck the dirt contaminated by the outer membrane into the human body when it is directly close to the cheek, and become a source of infection. At the same time, the worn protective masks should be washed every day, and be exposed to sunlight or disinfected with purple light as much as possible.

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