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Surgical Gown

Product Materials: Main fabric is SMS/SMMS/PP-PE Nonwoven,
qualified with the performance of waterproof 200/500mmH2O,
impact penetration ≤1.0g, Tensile Strength & Elongation.
Standards: EN13795/EN14126/AAMI-PB 70, spe

  • Surgical Gown
  • Surgical Gown
  • Surgical Gown

    SMS nonwoven fabric can
    realize one -way ventilation,
    allowing the internal heat to
    escape and block the outside gas
    The waist strap design
    makes it suitable for men and
    women, and provides better
    wearing experience and
    anti-bacteria performance
    The cuffs are elastic to
    prevent lying dust or liquid
    from touching the body
    Waterproof and breathable
    fabric can prevent
    splashing and realize efficient barrier
    Effective isolation from dust and
    Elastic design can meet the needs of
    different figures;
    Fexible and make work easier


    Location: China
    Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
    Brands: BBN
    Certificate:  ISO9001, ISO13485, ASTM F1671, EN14126
    Terms of payment and delivery: 50% after PI comfirmed, balance before shipping. FOB Shangahi/HangZhou
    Minimum order quantity: 50,000
    Price: Various, depends on the quantity
    Packing details: 1 pc / bag, 40 bags / Carton
    Delivery time: 3-7days after PI comfirmed in general
    Payment method: T/T


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