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Can activated carbon masks block formaldehyde?

Update:12 May
The main purpose of wearing a mask in daily production is to prevent dust in life, but in a relatively special environment, only local dust is not enough. For example, in some environments that need to prevent formaldehyde, can activated carbon masks be used? 



Activated carbon masks can prevent formaldehyde. Using the principle of dual adsorption of activated carbon and static electricity, it completely prevents microorganisms and dust, decomposes formaldehyde into carbon dioxide and water, and weakens the harmful effects of automobile exhaust and decoration air on the human body.


The key to activated carbon masks is that activated carbon has adsorption characteristics. Activated carbon can remove harmful substances in the gas and remove pollutants in the water. It can also be used for air purification treatment, waste gas recovery, and the recovery and extraction of heavy metals. With the development of science, the application of activated carbon has become more and more extensive.
Activated carbon masks also have a good adsorption effect, especially activated carbon steel fiber filters are installed in the activated carbon masks, which can effectively intercept harmful substances in a highly polluted environment and improve attraction and quality.

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