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What are the principles for the selection of medical masks?

Update:16 Apr
Principles for the selection of medical masks 1. The dust-proof efficiency of the masks. The dust blocking efficiency of a mask is based on its blocking efficiency for fine dust, especially for respirable dust below 5 microns. General gauze masks, the principle of dust blocking is mechanical filtering, that is, when dust hits the gauze, it passes through layers of barriers, blocking some large particles of dust in the sand cloth. However, for some fine dust, especially dust less than 5 microns, it does not play a blocking role. Nowadays, there are some dust-proof masks abroad. The filter material is composed of fibers charged with permanent static electricity. The respirable dust less than 5 microns is attracted by static electricity and adsorbed on the filter material during the process of passing through this filter material. Play the role of dust blocking.
Principles for the selection of medical masks 2. The degree of closeness between the mask and the shape of the face. When the shape of the mask is not close to the human face, the dangerous objects in the air will leak in from the leak and enter the human respiratory tract. So, even if you choose a mask with the best filter material, it cannot protect your health. Many foreign laws and standards now stipulate that workers should regularly test the tightness of masks. The purpose is to ensure that workers choose appropriate masks and master the correct way to wear anti-smog masks.
The principle of selection of medical masks. Third, the masks are comfortable to wear. The requirements include low breathing resistance, light weight, sanitary wear, and convenient maintenance. In this way, workers will be willing to insist on wearing them in the workplace. Now there are maintenance-free masks. There is no need to clean or replace parts. When the dust barrier is saturated or the mask is damaged, it can be discarded directly. This not only ensures the hygiene of the mask, but also saves the workers the time and effort to maintain the mask. Moreover, many masks are designed with arches, which can not only ensure a good fit with the shape of the human face, but also retain a certain amount of space in the mouth and nose, which is comfortable to wear.

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