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Can kn95 masks be scalded with boiling water?

Update:03 Sep
The used masks may indeed carry a large number of microorganisms, such as viruses and oral bacteria. These microorganisms may not only originate from the outside world, and adsorb on the outer surface of the mask through inhalation, but also may be adsorbed on the inner surface of the mask through exhalation because the user carries bacteria and viruses. Therefore, used masks may have a great risk of infection. When you take off the mask, there are several points to note: do not touch the outer surface of the mask, because you may infect yourself: do not touch the inner surface of the mask (you are a patient), because you may infect others: do not touch others Used masks, because they may be cross-infected: Do not put them directly in your bag, pocket, etc., because there may be a risk of persistent infection.



1. Is it possible to scald the used mask in boiling water?
Disease control experts: not recommended
High temperature is indeed a way of disinfection, such as boiling, and it is simple and easy to operate. However, when using boiling water to scald the mask, you must place the mask on the container or the countertop, which cannot avoid contaminating the container or countertop. Secondly, if the mask is scalded with boiling water, it cannot meet the continuous high temperature required for disinfection, and the time is not enough. It may only kill some pathogens. . Therefore, boiling water scalding is not recommended.
2.What about incineration?
Disease control experts: not recommended
Similarly, the principle of incineration is high temperature disinfection. However, incineration will pollute the environment on the one hand, and cause safety hazards on the other hand, and on the other hand, there is no such fixed location. Therefore, unless you are in a rural area, personal incineration is not recommended.
3. Cut it up and throw it away?
Disease control experts: not recommended
Although the starting point of cutting masks to prevent recycling by people with ulterior motives is good, there is a great risk of infection. Therefore, shredding is not recommended.
4. How to effectively dispose of used masks?
Disease control experts: deal with it according to the situation
When you are in a medical institution, whether you are seeking medical advice, visiting patients, or interviewing and investigating, all masks that have been used in medical institutions should be directly put into the medical waste garbage bag. These masks, as medical waste, will be centrally disposed of by a professional treatment organization, so you don't have to worry about it.
5. Can the used mask be thrown away in the hospital next time?
Disease control expert: No, because going to the hospital will increase the risk of unnecessary infection.
In normal times, citizens who are suspected of suffering from infectious diseases should hand over the used masks to the corresponding staff for treatment as medical waste when they go to a doctor or undergo investigation and disposal.

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