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How to choose children's masks?

Update:16 Nov
Masks are related to children's health, and everyone must not be careless when choosing children's masks.

1. Choose according to quality
When choosing masks for children, everyone should pay attention to the quality of the masks. It is ineffective for children to wear masks that are not good quality. At present, my country has not formulated relevant standards for child-specific protective masks. Most of the "child-specific (anti-haze) masks" sold on the market are not true to their names. They are only reduced versions of adult masks. You must pay attention to it. Next, Da Ma will talk about whether several common masks are suitable for children.
(1) Pure cotton mask
Cotton masks are comfortable and breathable, making them very suitable for children to wear. Generally speaking, 6-8 layers of masks can be used for children.
(2) N95 mask
Compared with pure cotton masks, N95 masks are more protective. However, this kind of mask is too tight and can easily block children's nose and mouth and affect breathing, so it is not recommended to wear them to children under 3 years old.
(3) Disposable mask
This kind of mask may not be able to sterilize and disinfect, and cannot effectively resist the haze, dust, and viruses from attacking children. It is also not recommended to be worn by children.
(4) Masks with problematic materials
Some masks contain silica gel and low-quality plastics, which may release harmful gases such as formaldehyde during use, thereby affecting children's health. Some masks have high fiber content, which not only easily generates static electricity, but also irritates children's skin. It is best not to wear these masks to children.
2. Choose the right size
Masks that are too large or too small have a direct impact on the filtering effect of masks. You should choose masks according to the actual situation of the child's age and face size. Generally speaking, a mask of 8-10 cm is very suitable for children to wear, and it is even better if it has the function of adjusting the size.

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