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How to make children wear masks?

Update:22 Nov
Many children don't want to wear masks, what should you do? ZhengQun Medical Devices Co., LTD teaches you some tips.

1. Mom, dad and children wear it together
When children are resistant to masks, you can try to wear them with the children. With the company of parents, children are more psychologically acceptable.
2. Let children scribble on the mask
Wearing their own graffiti and going out in a mask, children must like it very much. However, please be aware that the mask is in direct contact with the nose and mouth, and children should use safe and non-toxic paintbrushes for graffiti. If the quality of the brush is not good, children may inhale harmful substances while wearing a mask.
3. Look at the mirror and wear a mask
Some children have high tactile sensitivity. When they can't see the mask on their face, they will feel unfamiliar and afraid and resist wearing a mask. When children look at the mirror and wear a mask, they can clearly see how the mask is on their face, so they are not so scared.
4. Buy masks with beautiful patterns
Some masks are printed with stars, flowers or cartoon patterns, which are very popular among children. However, this kind of masks with beautiful patterns are not as effective as medical masks. Sister Yu suggests that you use them as a transitional product. Once the child accepts wearing a mask, it can be replaced with a medical disposable mask. If children are only willing to wear patterned masks, it is best for children to wear a layer of medical masks during the weather with heavier air pollution or the flu-prone period.

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