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Is the anti-haze effect of disposable masks good in haze weather? how to choose?

Update:13 Dec
As the weather gets colder and colder, the air quality gradually declines and there are more and more foggy days. People must wear masks when going out to achieve the effect of preventing smoke. However, there are many types of masks, and many people wear disposable masks for easy operation. Can disposable masks prevent smoke? ZhengQun Medical Devices Co., LTD. will answer for you.

Can disposable masks prevent smog?
Basically, disposable medical masks can only block coarse particles, and have very limited blocking effect on bacteria and fine particles such as PM2.5; a disposable mask alone is not enough to resist the lethality caused by smog, so it is not effective. In addition, disposable masks should not be used multiple times and worn for a long time when they are worn. These improper wearing methods will accelerate the production of bacteria in the masks and may also cause respiratory diseases.
Which mask to choose for anti-smog?
1. The filtration efficiency is in the range of 80-90% and can be used for the protection of general dust and fog, and the range is 94-95% for the protection of various smoke and pathogenic microorganisms, including the dust of highly toxic substances; the range is 99-99.97% It can protect all kinds of particles.
2. When the shape of the mask is not close to the face, the dangerous objects in the air will leak in from the leak and enter the person's respiratory tract. Therefore, the tightness of the mask should be good, it should be suitable for your face, and it should be comfortable.

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