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Teach you how to choose the correct mask to prevent flu?

Update:29 Jun
Teach you how to choose the correct mask to prevent flu


In winter, when influenza and other respiratory diseases are high, wearing a mask is not only an effective measure to protect yourself from being infected by others, but also an effective measure to protect people around you when you have respiratory symptoms. It is like setting up a "filter barrier" for your respiratory system.


There are many types of masks on the market, fashion masks, ordinary medical masks, N95 masks, the unit price ranges from a few yuan to hundreds of yuan, so how do we choose under different circumstances.


First, choose the correct mask
1. For people who are more sensitive to cold air, such as those who love runny nose when encountering cold air, it is appropriate to wear cotton gauze masks, because cotton gauze masks are mechanical filter masks, which rely on layers of cotton gauze to block, and can only block the diameter of hair like hair Coarse particles, although the filtering effect is poor, but the warmth and comfort are very good.
2. When taking transportation, going to the hospital to see a doctor, office colleagues or classmates have a cold, we choose to use disposable medical masks at this time, because disposable medical masks have a splash-proof function and will float in the hospital air There are a large number of aerosols from respiratory patients. At this time, whether to protect yourself or to protect others, it is appropriate to wear a disposable medical mask.
3. During the period of high flu, poor air quality, and severe smog, we can choose protective masks at this time. Masks with high protection levels. For example, N95 mask is a common protective mask, which has 95% for particles with a diameter of 0.3 microns. % Filtering effect, so when anti-smog, the best effect is the protective mask. Although the N95 mask is good, it is not recommended for pregnant women, the elderly, children or people with respiratory diseases, and healthy adults should not wear it for a long time.
Second, the correct way to wear a mask
1. Disposable masks are divided into upper and lower parts. The nose clip is the upper part. After putting on the mask, pinch the nose clip tightly to make close contact with the skin. To prevent polluted air from entering the nose and mouth, the mask should be changed every 4 hours.
2. Protective masks are required to prevent all-permeable fine particles, so wear protective masks and ensure that they are tightly fitted. The headband type should ensure that the headband is separated from the top and bottom, the force is evenly applied, and the nose clamp is pressed tightly, and then take a deep breath, quickly breathe in a few times, and feel whether there is air leakage on the side of the nose and mouth, so as to check the airtightness , Only if it doesn't leak, can it be truly worn.


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