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Which anti-smog mask is better?

Update:03 Jun
1. Which kind of anti-smog mask is better?
When choosing anti-smog masks, you should first consider the types of particulates. The suspended particulates in haze weather are mainly non-oily particulates. It is generally recommended to select N95 or KN95 masks with a filtration efficiency of more than 95% for PM2.5.
3M China emphasizes that N95 is the lowest level of filtration efficiency of the American NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) for American occupational anti-particulate respirators. Acid mist, microorganisms, etc.) The filtration efficiency is not less than 95%.
In my country's national standard GB2626-2006, dust masks can be divided into 6 grades. KN and KP represent the protection of non-oily and oily particles respectively. The actual dust-proof effect of KN95 is equivalent to N95.


2.Can general gauze masks prevent smog?
Authoritative experts on mask products said that most of the pure cotton masks only provide protection from cold and warmth. The surface of the mask has relatively large pores and cannot resist particles with a particle size of only 2.5 microns. In addition, 3M Chinese technicians also emphasized that the use of gauze masks as anti-particulate masks is the biggest misunderstanding when using anti-particulate masks. Gauze masks are not protective masks. In 2000, it was clearly stipulated that gauze masks should not be used as anti-particulate masks. Dust use.


3.Can anti-smog masks be washed with water?
With the increase in the use time of anti-smog masks, the filtered dust particles will gradually block the filter material, the filtration efficiency will usually increase, and the breathing resistance will also increase. Long-term use is mainly due to personal hygiene problems or infectious threats. In addition, the use and storage methods are different, which will affect the life of anti-smog masks. It is recommended to replace them daily.
In addition, anti-smog masks cannot be cleaned or disinfected. Otherwise, the filtration efficiency will decrease. If you have been in contact with the environment of infectious areas, or found damaged parts, such as missing nose clips, broken headbands, broken masks, etc., they should be replaced immediately Anti-smog mask.


4. Are activated carbon masks better than anti-smog masks?
Adding a thin layer of activated carbon or other gas-absorbing materials to the particulate protective mask can reduce some low-concentration gas with pungent and unpleasant smell, that is, reduce and remove peculiar smells, such as: peculiar smell produced by putrefactive substances ( Mainly organic substances). When the concentration of odorous gas is high enough to endanger physical and mental health, 3M gas masks are needed.
Activated carbon masks only increase the effect of reducing certain odors. In terms of anti-smog performance, there is no difference with or without activated carbon. Activated carbon masks that can reduce and remove odors cannot enhance the protection of particulate matter.


5. What anti-smog mask is suitable for the elderly and children?
Activated carbon masks and masks with breathable valves have certain practical effects, but the relative resistance is relatively large. Young people may wear them. It is not recommended for the elderly and children. The elderly and children recommend that some non-woven materials that have been treated by electrostatic Anti-fog masks made of cloth, such as medical masks (it is best to choose N95 medical protective masks, which can not only prevent fog and haze but also prevent germ infection, etc.).
Generally, the stronger the barrier ability of the mask, the greater the resistance, the more difficult it will be to breathe after wearing it, especially for some patients who have respiratory diseases themselves, or the elderly or children wearing them will increase their strong discomfort. It usually backfires.
At present, many anti-smog masks on the market are marked with the word N95 and high-efficiency anti-smog. The filter material N95 and the mask exceed the N95 standard or KN95 is different. Detection, anti-smog masks also need to detect the overall efficiency, leakage rate, resistance, etc.


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