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Fantasy Blue Reusable Fabric printing face mask

PRODUCT NAME: Reusable Fabric Face Mask
SPEC: 3-ply Bacteria Barrier & Microbial Control
TYPE: Adjustable ear-loop
Standards: Q/ZQ001-2020 “StaticBoost Face Mask”

1. Conduct static-boost before usage and repeat every
3-6 hours of use.
2. Fold the face mask along center line.
3. Hold the nose clip and shake mask continuously for
20-30 seconds to recharge silver-thread.
4. Ready to wear
5. Wear mask in normal dry conditions. If mask becomes
wet,stop use once in a safe location to do so.
6. Dry mask, conduct static-boost in order to reuse.


    Eco-innovation static
    regenerated system
    DuPont Silver ions applied for
    microbial control
    Fascinating freshness and ultra
    95%+ bacteria filtration efficiency
    after StaticBoost



    Location: China
    Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
    Brands: BBN
    Certificate: Q/ZQ 001-2020, ISO9001, ISO13485, Reach, OKE100 test
    Model: MD
    Terms of payment and delivery: 50% after PI comfirmed, balance before shipping. FOB Shangahi/HangZhou
    Minimum order quantity: 500
    Price: Various, depends on the quantity
    Packing details: 1pc per bag including a fabric mask, a instruction card and a Dupont tag
    Delivery time: 7-15days after PI comfirmed in general
    Payment method: T/T

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