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Which scenes and groups of people are suitable for different types of protective masks?

Update:02 Apr
What are the types of protective masks?
The types of masks include ordinary masks, disposable medical masks, medical surgical masks, particulate protective masks (ie N95, KN95 masks), medical protective masks, and medical protective masks.
Which scenes and groups of people are suitable for different types of protective masks?
1. Low-risk population: For people in well-ventilated, non-crowded places and outdoor activities, it is recommended to use disposable medical masks.
2. Fever patients, suspected patients, people living in isolation at home, and people living together, as well as service practitioners in public places (such as public transportation drivers, sanitation workers, etc.), it is recommended to wear medical surgical masks during their on-the-job.
3. N95 and KN95 masks are recommended to those close contacts who are at higher risk for epidemiological investigations, sampling and laboratory testing. At the same time, the public can choose to use this type of mask if they go to highly dense or closed public places.
4. Medical protective masks are professional protective masks and are recommended for high-risk groups (such as medical staff in fever clinics, isolation wards, public health personnel conducting epidemiological investigations on confirmed patients, and confirmed patients during transfer).
Under what circumstances need to replace the mask?
Healthy people who are not at risk of spreading the new coronavirus need to replace the mask when the mask is deformed, wetted, dirty, or smelled during the process of wearing a disposable mask, which reduces the protective performance. It is particularly worth noting that if you have worn a mask to a medical institution or have been in close contact with people who have been isolated from home, or who have coughed or sneezed without protective measures, it is recommended to replace the mask in time.
Can the mask be reused?
In principle, disposable medical masks do not support repeated use and need to be replaced every four hours. In special periods, the number of masks that residents can buy is limited. After using disposable masks in less risky scenarios, if the masks are clean and structurally complete, they need to be used again. The masks can be hung in a clean and dry ventilated place, or installed separately Put it in a clean and air-permeable paper bag and mark it clearly, and avoid mixing it with others.
Can the mask be cleaned and disinfected?
In fact, only cotton gauze masks can be cleaned and disinfected! Medical protective masks can neither be cleaned nor disinfected with disinfectants or heating.
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